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This is the way that I/WE left without the job... ...


And I really thought that the merging of two large companies will provide mor work for all of us, including the new jobs. What a enthusiast! On the contrary, it happened to decrease up to 10%. How to prepare that you will be in the 10%? And is it even possible?

And I really thought about my business CAREER (not in terms of careerist, but when you  give 200% of your work efforts,  strength and enthusiasm, shine in the eyes ... ... ...), not just JOB.

No eye contact. BIG bosses Viewed from the side, in a low voice to convey the great truth, dozen of us looking eachother in the eyes, to be precise 10% of us. Just us and eyes. And eyes really can say much more than words, when you want to listen.

In front of the hall they  set up bodyguards. They do not know who or rather what should be kept, but, they are standing,somehow. Have a grimace on his face, nor a smile, nor sorrow ... now all that performance seems like comics, of course, but now most of it seems like that .

You can not imagine the feeling that overtakes you when you are on the "bench to turn off", a mixture of "fear" of the period that will come,soon, which is reinforced by the fact that you have a family, including three daughters. Husband, support. And it's not "fear", in a classic way. Several groups of negative feelings and a desire to do something that is not good. Probably because of that feeling they guarded the front door. A civilizational achievements,  education that you are carring from the non/born period, and all similar things that you can remember at that moment?

 Well, they are likely to outweigh the microgram.

Smile, of course, this is in fact a CHALLENGE. "What does not kill you, surely got you stronger," I`m quotting for 20 years.Maybe I should stop?

At least we, here in Serbia, are ready for all kinds of challenges. For decades, let`s say hundred of years.

I've only just begun.

1.Let the God give to you life in the INTERESTING TIMES;

2.Let the God give you to be noticed by important people; and

3.Let the God give you foundation of what you were allways looking for                      Chinese curse

Tereza Dolas

March 2015

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